Day 21 …

By | February 9, 2011

Just 21 days … stunning progress so far… the kit is basically complete but it was always our intention to fit a large number  of moulded furniture components (from Fusion Mackay) and the installation of these has started as you can see from the pics. Fusion Mackay sell these components and we’ve had two of their workers on-site for a few weeks now.  Ordering their furniture has saved us so much time.  As the fresh white gelcoat furniture starts to fill the dull fibreglass void which is the inside of Bossa Nova we can start to visualise the finished product.  Bedrooms and bathrooms are taking shape and we have even started fitting some “shiney bits”. What a thrill to see an exhaust vent or a steering hub break the surface with the filler fittings for the tanks next.  I would love to fit the forebeam (only trial fitted so far), hatches and windows but over-spray from ‘fairing’ is a problem so it is best for these bits to wait so obviously the fairing has to come up the list!  We will also fit bilge pumps shortly and connect them to a temporary battery to avoid problems from any dramatic rain events (ha … we live in Victoria … not a problem?!).  There are also some boring laminating jobs to complete joins to the deck and strengthen the whole boat.  Mind you, it already seems to fit into the “strong as a brick dunny” category but a bit more strength can’t hurt!

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