Our first loo …

By | January 5, 2012

After MUCH research we decided on Raritan toilets.  Our first one has arrived and fits perfectly in the two spaces we have.  We visited the Sydney Boat Show with a paper template of the two spaces we had hoping to make a final decision.  Number one, it had to fit both spaces (we did not want two different types for obvious reasons), and most of the modern ones we like have too big a footprint. It’s hard to believe how much plumbing is involved…each toilet having a holding tank with one input, two outputs, two vents, a guage sender and an inspection port. Because we are using dual flush (raw and fresh) the toilet itself needs lots of plumbing and wiring, including a ‘smart’ switch’ (we wouldn’t want to use a dumb one, would we!!) Anyway, once the first one arrived we were able to set up both areas with almost all the relevant plumbing roughed in. Now if only we could get that damn fairing knocked off we could finish them off!


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