Full on …

By | October 28, 2012

Sometimes you work on the boat for days and seem to see little progress. Fortunately the last 10 days or so have NOT been like that! We seem to have kicked lots of goals with a second motor dropped in and hooked up, the ceiling lining ply well under way, and the shiny stainless pullpits and pushpits have all been fitted, complete with nav. lights. These last bits were fitted fairly quickly but make such a difference to  the look of the boat, and one could be forgiven for now starting to believe we just might be able to finish this thing! These rails also allow us to position other items like tie-up cleats, staunchions and so on so even more shiny fittings can follow on. Now the fairing is complete we don’t even have to worry so much about these bits getting covered with gunk so onward we go!

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