Bossa Nova … our name!

By | August 19, 2010

This site is all about building a Fusion 40 catamaran, which we are going to name Bossa Nova.  It is being built by Neville (& Amanda) at our home in Victoria, Australia.

You are welcome to follow our journey.  It will take several months, a lot of hard work and will be reliant on lots help and support from family and friends and the occasional expert.

The Name Game …

Anyone that has gone through the process of choosing a boat name will know exactly
how difficult this is. Our family have been involved in trailer sailors and catamarans
for many years and we all get involved in the name game. We’ve discussed, we’ve
dreamed, we’ve Googled, we’ve agreed to disagree, we’ve run them by friends &
relatives, and we’ve even voted. This time round it seems to be even more important
as this boat is “the” boat and it has to be right.

After exhausting our Google list and giving up on trying to get our children’s
approval, we decided to run our shortlist by our yachtie friends (they understand)
and after much discussion, we got the nod on our favourite … Bossa Nova.

So now, we know, we will have to explain. These excepts from my Google research
explain …

“As yet, the exact origin of the term “bossa nova” remains uncertain. What is certain
is that the term “bossa” was used to refer to any new “trend” or “fashionable wave”
within the artistic beach-culture of late 1950s in Rio de Janeiro. The term finally
became known and widely used to refer to a new music style, a fusion of samba and
jazz, when the now famous creators of “bossa nova” referred to their new style of
work as “a bossa nova,” as in “the new thing.”

“The term Bossa Nova is slang for the ”new thing” or “new wave” or “new

This really explains our choice … “new trend”, “fashionable wave” and a “fusion
of samba and jazz”. Perfect. Our work is music and bossa nova music captures
that upbeat, colourful “new thing” feeling with our Fusion 40 Bossa Nova!

Bossa Nova songs you might know …
The Girl from Ipanema
Blame It On The Bossa Nova … this is going to be heard many many times during this
monu-mental building process!