Getting ready for delivery

By | August 31, 2010

Not much to show so far with the Fusion Kit delayed.  With such a wet winter and another ‘small’ building project taking up considerable time (not to mention work), the delay has meant more time for preparation.  Every night (no joke) Neville studies his “Master List”.  “Nearly everything crossed off,” he told me the other night.  Hmmm …. we’ll see.  I can think of a few things that aren’t quite ready.  Like the boat shed!  Just a small thing really.

With a change of plans in the location of the boat shed we now need containers to hold the ‘shed’ up.  With the wet winter that we really didn’t take in to account, meant moving containers on to our property was not going to happen as soon as we liked.  Hence, no shed yet.  However, our boat furniture is nearly completed by Mackay Fusion and it is now arriving in a container that we have purchased.  We’ve also purchased another container for the other side of the shed.  During this ‘get ready’ stage I have discovered that ebay can just about provide everything that we need … from rags to shipping containers.  At the end of this process, it can all go back on ebay … unless someone else wants to take on this very adventurous task!