First container arrives!

By | November 1, 2010

Our first container has arrived.  We ordered the interior fibreglass furniture from Fusion Mackay and then had to tackle the freight issue.  After much research on how to get it here, we decided to purchase a 40′ container from Mackay and then transport it in this. We used rail from Mackay to Melbourne, then a truck to Somers.  Rail was by far the cheapest and also efficient.  This container will form one side of the ‘boat shed’ and also store parts and equipment.

It all looked so simple, watching the truck drive up to the back paddock, do a U-turn, and place it on the spot.  However, the emotional energy spent in organising the transport, then co-ordinating everyone … before a deluge of rain (one month’s rain expected in 24 hours), was huge.  And this is just the beginning!