Gantry arrives

By | November 14, 2010

We have progressed a little. The first Thailand container is on the way and should be here about 25th November. Our second shed container is in place and we have started constructing the shed trusses. Of course they had to be dismantled in Rosebud first which was quite a job! The gantry which will lift everything into place is in the same package and you can see from the pics that the need to save money has even effected the type of transport we used – a trailer that is obviously too small for the job! Our next job is to fit the gantry with bigger wheels and set it up so we can use it to put the rest of the shed together. Meanwhile hatches and steering gear have arrived from Lewmar.  If only I’d ordered that leather bound steering wheel – more expensive but sooo sexy!

PS. All I want for Christmas is my second Thai container.