First Thai Container arrives

By | December 3, 2010

Wow!  The moment when the first rack of moulded parts starts to emerge from the container has finally arrived and is actually quite moving, although it’s difficult to concentrate on being moved when you’re busy towing the racks onto a flimsy rack of pallets and chipboard then it decides to jam on a bolt someone in Thailand put in backwards. In any event it was finally persuaded to emerge from it’s womb and the empty container was able to bid a hasty retreat before it could rain on our parade! After unbelievable paperwork stuff-ups and a superhuman effort on Amanda’s behalf to untangle said stuff-ups the moment has finally arrived when half the boat is here for all to see. So now we have just a few small jobs to organize before the actual build can commence: jobs such as laying concrete foundations for the build jig, constructing that jig and manouvering the first pieces out of the transport rack and in to place.

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