Ground Control To Major Tom …

By | December 3, 2010

Thought it might be time for a different perspective on this boat building extravagavza.

A good friend of ours remembers Neville telling her when they first met some 15 or so years back, that he was going to build a cat one day.  Neville has realised many dreams in his lifetime … building his own house, fitting out his new Magnum 8.5 trailer-sailer, buying his first catamaran On The Prowl (Seawind 1000) … not to mention meeting and marrying the girl of his dreams (who fortunately liked boating) and producing two lovely children Tim and Abbey.  Well, his next big dream is about to come true.  There’s going to a lot of blood, sweat and tears (the tears may be mine) over this one, but the joy and satisfaction we will witness when his Bossa Nova is launched will be worth bottling.

I have had quite a bit of time to get used this grand plan so l have spent some time thinking about how this going to work, how it will impact on our family life, our work and our sanity.  A few things have come to mind, but I think the most important one is not letting it dominate our family life and to keep earning money to pay for the thing!  It will dominate I know, but accepting it will and putting in to place some structures that help, is the way to go.  One, will be ‘letting go’ on this blog.  It will be well worth following my entries over this journey!

Ground Control!” …. “oh, ok” …. “Major Tom“.

I was a David Bowie fan in my teenage years and ‘A Space Oddity’ was a favourite song.  Recently I decided we needed a way to get Neville back on track when our conversations seemed to always be diverted to ‘boat talk’.  Neville has a way of finishing a sentence in a conversation about something entirely unrelated to boats and starting the next one in Fusion lingo.  For some reason I thought about a code that would bring him back to earth rather than a grumble or lecture (as he calls it).  After debating this week whether to spend his leather steering wheel money on U2 tickets or save the money for a new washing machine and then finding out that Bono arrived on stage to the back drop of ‘A Space Oddity’, I decided this was meant to be …

I am Ground Control and he is Major Tom.

PS. I didn’t buy U2 tickets … I bought the washing machine (so the old one can wash the fibreglass clothes).