And you thought …

By | April 11, 2011

And you thought … nothing was happening.  Lots happening, including lots of thinking.  While we have purchased many interior furniture components from Fusion Mackay, we didn’t purchase the galley and saloon components.  So we are designing and building these ourselves.  Neville is busy learning ‘how to’ work with fibreglass and I just find the glossy pics of what I would like!  Galley and saloon now designed, just have to build it.

Some ‘shiney’ bits have been added like the port and starboard hull windows, flow-coating of lockers (and how BIG are the bow lockers … think I’m going to need a lift to retrieve the tie-up ropes), and the fairing (hiding the kit joins) has begun … grinding, grinding and more grinding, then sanding, sanding and more sanding.  Forgot the bogging, comes before the sanding.  The spraying of gelcoat and the polishing next.

Slow progress now as all the big bits have been completed and they have the most impact.