Winter Update

By | June 27, 2011

I’ve learn’t so much during this build, especially working with fibreglass.  Making the furniture pieces has been very rewarding.  Finding ways to make white shapes and then piecing the made pieces together to make the corners, walls, steps and cupboards has been tedious but very rewarding.

Just had a ‘week away’ escaping the cold and many of my friends asked, “Is Neville climbing the walls yet (not being near his boat)??”  I was back in to it quickly I must say.  I suppose making lists on the plane returning home said it all!  I’m not bored yet!!

I’ve been working on the steering, engine bays and the starboard hull with my fibreglass shapes and shelving inside cupboards and under the starboard cabin bed.  The plan at the moment is to work through the fibreglass work inside while designing & researching window and companionway door designs.

It’s winter hear so cold and wet.  Outside work on sunny days, otherwise later in the year.