Half-way?? We think so (& hope) …

By | September 23, 2011

A few jobs conquered.  Know we’ve been a bit slack on our blog … thankyou for reminding us blog readers!  Not intentionally slow with the updates, just not as much to report as the early building stages.  But, I do know how interested and excited people get who follow these boat building projects … Neville used to read Cruising North’s blog daily … and was disappointed if nothing new there.  We will try harder to be more regular with our posts.

Steering in.  Saloon designed, started and well on way.  Hot-water service in.  Engines about to arrive.  Cockpit external sliding windows and door designed, ordered and not far off arriving.  Neville and his supplier have worked hard on this design so worth a look if you are about to build a Fusion!

I’m in charge of flow-coating.  I like painting so happy I can do something apart from cleaning.  Smelly sticky stuff.  A bit tricky doing the two engine bays.  Getting in ok, but out no so easy!  Flow-coated all around me, manouvering in a VERY tight space, up, down, under and around … hmmm … how do I get out??!!  Found a way (think Neville was on the ground somewhere so no help there), but I think every part of my clothing had some sticky bit on it, including the hair!!  Yuk!!