Our saloon …

By | September 23, 2011

Really looking forward to the saloon coming together.  We have put a lot of thought in to this area.  Our initial thoughts were to have a galley down (like our Seawind 1000) – more entertaining room up and utilise the hull space down. After much discussion, measuring and researching designs on other cats, we decided there just wasn’t enough room in the Fusion hull to lay out the galley as we wanted.  We also decided we liked the idea having the ‘galley up’ so we could be part of the conversation rather than being in the ‘dungeon’ and not be heard.  There are Fusions who have their galley down so it can be done.

Once this decision of ‘galley up’ was made, we then couldn’t quite decide on the layout of the saloon area, hence we didn’t purchase these furniture components from Fusion Mackay.  Our plan was always to design this in time, which is what we have done.  We have looked at many cat and Fusion galley layouts over a few years and have now worked out what works for us.  Much easier to design this in the actual space too.  We have the galley in a ‘U shape’, couch/saloon around a table with the starboard end ‘backless’.  The fridge/freezer will be built in to a cabinet on the s’bd side with some drawers, with another freezer at the end, accessed from the starboard hull.  On the port side there will be another cabinet under the window.  Storage has been important all the way and we feel we have this covered now.  We will have to use the starboard hull cupboards for food, but all the other galley items will be upstairs.

Stoves, sinks, cupboard doors, colours, benchtops, upholstery … it’s just like building a house.  Most of these decisions have been made now so once the fibreglass work is completed we will be getting the upholsterer and cabinet maker in to measure up.  We’ve involved both Gilbert & Michael in these decisions already as we needed their input on the ‘hows and whats’.  All very exciting!

My Bible … used one to build our house and it works really well with our boat.  Ideas, drawings, brochures, plans and the odd spillage of wine are kept in one place.  There are so many things to be on top of it’s so easy to forget decisions.  We’ve also learn’t that while its beneficial to keep one step ahead, jumping too far ahead means you forget decisions and you end up repeating conversations and re-designing things.