Not in hot water … yet!

By | October 9, 2011

We have purchased an Isotherm 40 litre hot water service with dual heating coils as we intend to heat the water by engine, but also by means of a small Webasto diesel heater which will also power heaters in the main saloon as well as both forward cabins. This will avoid the need to run a motor every time the hot water runs out. In order to maximize the available space under the rear bed the water heater is being located up on an angle following the curve of the bridgedeck. for this reason mounting blocks are being glassed onto the hull. That way the myriad of pipes being attached to the heater will cause the least disruption to the space.

As for the motors I am desperately keen to get them in and they were great fun to unpack (like a kid with a new toy!). I am using the excuse that I need a motor in to set up the hot water system but Amanda poured COLD water on that idea by reminding me of all the other jobs that need doing. At least I got to enlarge the hull cut out to suit the legs before I got back in the container to produce another sheet of divinicel foam sandwich!