Are We Nearly There Yet??!!

By | February 24, 2012

February 24, 2012

Just noticed I saved this page way back in October last year and never posted it (see below).  Easter completion date … I don’t think so!  We are hoping for September/October now.  No way we’ll be ready before winter and it will be too wet during winter to move our boat out of the paddock.

I mention “being nearly there” with the end of fibreglass dust.  Well, we are still “nearly there”.  The outside fairing should be finished in the next month or so including the windows, then we have some inside fairing for the colder days.  We have got our upholstery quotes in so all sorted, and our cabinet maker is on track, but everyone is waiting for the fibreglass to be completed … including my vacuum cleaner!


October 25, 2011

Well, it’s been nearly 9 months hands-on.  Are we nearly there yet?  No.   Are we where we thought we’d be?  Answer … we don’t really know, but we are happy with the progress.  And, as the optimist Neville always is, he’s thinking of a Easter completion date.  We will see!

So, given that we may be “half way”, I thought it would be timely to put my progress story on record.

It has been a big year … not to mention that a boat is being built in our backyard!  I did think way back in the planning stages that I might be a bit ‘frazzled’ by now.  Not so.  In fact, the boat building has been a timely distraction.  Our lives are always busy and the boat building has added more activity, but it’s such an exciting journey and I’m finding myself caught up in the whirlwind of planning and designing and enjoying it all.

There’s so many different parts to building a boat which makes my visit to the ‘paddock’ worthwhile as there’s always something new either being done or decisions to make. Neville spends every spare hour on the boat so he’s really enjoying the longer days with daylight saving now.  I also think having got through winter in our paddock it now feels like the best is yet to come – both weather and productivity.

Currently we are working on the saloon and galley area.  My part in all of this is the many many hours of discussion and designing that goes behind the building.  We have looked at so many photos (many time and time again) of Fusions on the Fusion website, as well as all types of boats on the net.  They all have galleys and saloons, so restricting our research to only cats, was pointless.  We followed this line at the Sydney Boat Show too, getting on mega $ powerboats as well as the monohull yachts.  Taking our long list of “things to look at”, we took many photos, added them to our several scrapbooks, then made design decisions.  Boat Shows are great for this.  You can look at detail, brands, design, sizes, colours, collect brochures, compare and of course, buy things at supposedly discounted boat show prices!  With our timing, and planning on an Easter completion(?), the Sydney boat show was our last boat show opportunity.  Mind you, I think I’ve been dragged (not really) along to several Sanctuary Cove and Sydney shows over the last five or so years looking at Lightwaves, Seawinds and Fusions, all leading to this dream.

I can’t wait for the galley to be built, the saloon upholstered, the bathrooms with basins and the toilets fitted … and before that, the END of fibreglass dust!!!  We are nearly there and after dust in Neville’s eye this afternoon, this only convinces me that fibregalss dust is horrible stuff.  Forgot to mention, my other job is vacuuming and tidying (most weekends) … with eye glasses, gloves and breathing aparatus … not a pretty sight!

Must get a photo taken of me!