Port Hull Update …

By | March 9, 2012

Our internal door frames have arrived!  Anodized aluminium complete with trim rings which we hope will look really classy! They should be a lot less work also but there will be a tedious bit of fibreglass adjustment required. Most of the bulkheads are now trimmed out but some of the adjoining furniture needs to be adjusted.

Most of the cupboard shelves have been glassed in, flow-coated and shiny sheet added so they are looking rather finished. The port hull now has a bilge pump, fresh water pump and raw water flushing pump all installed along with a tank macerator and shower sump pump. When finished, there will be about 14 pumps in all!!! The floor has been levelled up, all the cupboard doors trimmed out, and the ‘still to do’ list for this hull is finally becoming rather short. We are also preparing to run the gas line (stove and bbq) through the port side. Our first pieces of teak have been fitted to all the outside midships cupboards but they were whipped out for clear finishing before we grabbed the camera!