Windows … nearly … finished!

By | April 15, 2012

“Nearly” is a BIG word in boat building.  “Finished” is a BIGGER word in boat building!

Lots of jobs are “nearly” finished, including our windows.  They are a bugger to fit.  Placing them, wanting the same gaps between & deep, all rather tricky.  As is applying the black Simsons with caulking between.  All front windows are in so the boat is waterproof, just the black caulking to finish (“just” is another BIG word … implies it’s an easy job … ha!).  Have I already said this?  Everything takes three times longer than you think.  One reason being, we are the boat owners so we get it “right”.

And … they look fantastic!!  We purchased the inside window ‘mould’ from Fusion Mackay in our furniture kit, which has made the inside window area look fantastic.

Pilot hatch is also “nearly” finished.  Unfortunately no ‘trim kit’ comes with hatch (all other hatches have a trim kit).  Need to speak to Mr Lewmar on this one.  A big job, a costly job, to now fair the edges.  We are going to add a white plastic edging around the cut-out to finish it.

We’ve also sanded the lower sections of the hulls ready for anti-fouling (which will be done just before launching).

We’ve also work out our teak flooring dimensions, so the floors with hatches are being prepared.