Ohhhh … the things we do for love!!

By | June 12, 2012

It’s so bloody cold here in Melbourne.  My football team is losing so I now have weekends “free” ??!!  Why not speed things along on the boat building front.  Neville and I have just finished 4 days straight and feel like we may have turned the corner.   Acetone bottle and rag in one hand and small scalpel in the other, I got stuck in to the real cleaning.    After months of dust, mess and grinding, we now have shiny white fibreglass.  Ready for the fittings and trims.  Well, in some parts of the boat anyway.

More flow-coating inside the cupboards, and the finishing coat in our bathroom ‘cubby holes’.  All done in the port hull so now working in the starboard hull.  Neville can’t wait to fit the shiny bits.

And … the things we do for love!  These last few days I have used a grinder, a sander and my beloved vacuum cleaner (we are now on our second vac, the first one “bites the dust”). Sore knees and bad hair …  memories we will treasure??!!