Winter here but the work goes on

By | June 3, 2012

I think I mentioned in a previous post that “finished” was a big word.  Well, the wine rack is finished!  25 bottles of storage.  See pics.  Until all the spraying & polishing is finished, we fit, then put away so the brown paper hasn’t been peeled of the rack sections.  It’s actually been made out of black perspex with back and front sections so the bottles will stay put (which won’t be for long on our boat!).

Fairing is still happening in the starboard hull but should be completed soon, then we have some fairing still to do in the main saloon.  The cockpit polishing will then follow (all joins have been sprayed just need the polish).  The cockpit ice-box is another job coming up the list.  While it is cold now with the ‘shortest day’ approaching, the boat is quite snug and with a few heaters on this is a must to help the fibreglass go “off”.  We’ll have the same problem with flow-coating, just have to pick our days.

With a few hiccups getting the right freezer to fit (the first one came with different measurements from the brochures and didn’t fit, our supplier was fantastic and we were able to exchange our order for another design all the way from Italy), we finally cut out the freezer spot today.  And it fits!!

We’ve also finished the double cabin’s fairing with the bed step and bottom of the upright cupboard all faired and polished.  We will be adding a teak lid to the bed step and we’ve left a big enough opening under the bed for a washing machine down the track.  In the meantime this will be valuable storage for bigger items like chairs etc.  We will either add the same doors to these cupboards as the rest of the boat, or look at aluminium roller shutters.  There is very little floor space in this cabin so the roller shutters would be ideal.  Will get down to pricing and whether the motor will take up valuable space we need for the washing machine.  A decision we are leaving for the moment.