The heat is on!

By | July 11, 2012

While the weather has been COLD we have kept at it … with the latest ETL (estimated time of launch) being January, the “heat is on!”   Jumping out of bed early morning hasn’t been that easy but once inside the boat with the heater on it has been rather cosy.  We’ve been having 2 degree nights and frosts here and we live near the beach, we don’t get frosts!

We are so so NEARLY finished with fibreglass inside now.  Magic Mick has three days with us this week, so by Friday we are hoping all those niggly spot repairs are done and that the polishing to finish off the fibreglass inside is complete.  We’ve been thinking this for weeks but we should be on track now.  This means; the fixed cockpit and electric sliding windows can be fitted, which means the galley can be fitted, the toilets can be fitted, the benchtops put in place, the basins fitted, the taps fitted, the plumbing is now well on the way … and the list goes on.

I have spent the last few weekends on hands and knees with scalpel, acetone and rag in hand, crawling, kneeling, standing, bending, sitting, twisting … scraping, peeling, vacuuming, rubbing and wiping all fibreglass surfaces.  I know evety square inch of this boat now.  Not to mention taping and paper masking around those bitsy annoying marks that need a re-spray.  All worth it though as we are finally seeing a white interior.

The cold Melbourne winter reminds us of why we are fitting a Webasto water and cabin heater which is fired by diesel. The main purpose is to heat the water without starting the engine but the three cabin heaters are going to be a great bonus. You can see the stainless header tank in one of the pics. The hosing has been a pain to fit due to differences in fitting and hose sizes and the ortac hose we use does not want to stretch but it is all finally coming under control (after some grumpy words and a few scolds to the hand).


One thought on “The heat is on!

  1. Nicolas

    Hi Neville and Amanda,
    The interior is looking great. Once all the internal painting is complete, and you start installing all the finishing bits, the change will be fantastic and very quick. Not much longer now.
    Please keep the updates and photos coming.

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