A flush beats a full house!

By | August 19, 2012

Perhaps it may be difficult to imagine anyone getting so excited about our first flushing toilet on Bossa Nova but it is also hard to imagine how much work went into getting it fitted and making it work, suffice to say the first working action of this Raritan unit was special and we are ‘flushed” with pride!

Meanwhile fitting of cupboard units continues as well as a bit more wiring. Amanda has worked tirelessly on cupboard units for both bathrooms and they are almost ready to fit. The two Yanmar dashboard units have been installed to stay as well as a few other shiney bits here and there.

Final installation of the internal door frames is shaping up as the next job on the never ending list but first there’s the small matter of another dunny! Don’t we just hate the fact everything seems to come in pairs with cats?!