Another Boat Show!

By | August 13, 2012

Just got back from the Sydney Boat Show.  The usual list of things to see, measure and price.  This is (hopefully) the last of the big shows before we launch so we thought it was an opportunity to check some details and look for a few things we hadn’t made decisions on … and two days ‘off’ appealed.  Not to mention the ‘boat show deals’.   Brought back a Fusion sound head unit – what else could a Fusion 40 owner put in their boat?!  Researched inflatables, a bigger job than we anticipated.  While there are some great deals on items, you do have to weigh up which items are needed now and those that can wait.  But, as usual, we found the boat show great to gather a lot of info from one place.

We would also like to give a plug to Smart Boating in Sydney. Peter has two Fusion 40s, Slinky Cat and Snazzy Cat, in the Smart Boating fleet and has had Snazzy Cat at the last two Sydney Boat Shows.  His boats are in Pittwater.  Both were built by Ian at Fusion Mackay and Ian has also been on the stand.  We have now been on Peter’s boat three times – asking questions, measuring, checking and photographing.  Thankyou Peter for being so generous with your time and answering our endless questions, and to Ian also for your advice along the way.