Two loos in …

By | August 25, 2012

I suppose the second toilet was never going to be quite so exciting and was a challenge to bolt down as we couldn’t reach the locking gadgets but in the end we fabricated some alternative fiberglass brackets which are out of sight and working well?

The hardest part about fitting the main fridge was probably getting it up into the boat but in the end with the help of Mick (the fabulous fairer) it made the journey safely. We are more relaxed about fitting the adjoining cabinets with it in place. The curved cabinet unit has also been installed in the forward bathroom along with numerous bits of wiring to boring to photograph. All wiring joins and terminals are being soldered and then covered with glue lined heat shrink which should minimise future maintenance issues. We also fitted a rather tricky floor drain to the forward head which connects to the shower sump. Of course it wouldn’t have been at all tricky if we had fitted it earlier in the assembly process!

Tomorrow we are working on door frames and trims so hopefully all will go really well and we will get heaps done (I wish).  Neville