Our Multihull World article

By | September 2, 2012

There is a standard routine in our house when Multihull World arrives. Amanda leaves it on the kitchen bench and once I get my nose in it she gets no sense out of me for an hour or two. ( I always have to read the best bits twice!)

This month was different. I tried to leave it on the bench in front of me while engaging in social intercourse. Little did I know that Amanda had submitted an article on our build from her perspective. She finally said, “you might as well open it and you just might be interested in the article on page 64 (page number from memory)”. What I found there simply blew me away. Her support through this whole journey not to mention her endless google searches for those hard to find items has been truly fantastic but this was something else! You might wish to read her thoughts. Read on……..


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