And the list goes on … and on …

By | January 15, 2013

The list does go on and on, but we do feel like we are making progress … even experiencing our first (I’m sure not last) leak!

We have added trims around all the cupboard door openings now, along with latch blocks & hinges & doors.  Lots of sticky white fingers, and hair, and fingernails with the trims (Amanda’s job)!  The scourer is still being used in the shower. When this doesn’t work we resort to the spa to soak out the grot.  Bathroom benchtops, shelving and even a template for the showerscreen glass have been done.  Plumbing to bathrooms checked … which is when the leak was discovered.  Just as well we knew the plumber who knew everything about where everything was located … all fixed and even better, corrected, so it won’t happen again (we hope).

Seeing our teak flooring being layed is very exciting and looks fantastic.  Looking forward to our ceiling panels over the next week or so too.  We can then complete our two bedheads and all the smaller trims with multipanel and vinyl (Amanda’s job again).  The remaining teak trims are on the way which will really finish the decor.