Long days … and nights!

By | February 16, 2013

I guess the only way to reduce the long long list of things still to do is to put in the hours…. and hours… and hours! The teak floor is progressing through the boat with the bathroom, both midship areas and half the lounge substantially done. The bandsaw you can see in the cockpit really helps but we still haven’t worked out where to put it when we actually get to lay the cockpit floor in the next few weeks.

The laminated multipanel shelving is over half way and does make the cupboards look a lot more finished but there are still a few to go. The mast base has arrived and will be installed shortly now that we have worked out exactly where to put it! Next Tuesday the motors will be started by the Yanmar gurus which should at least be a little exciting and we have even put a little diesel in the tanks in preparation for that one.

The only problem with working late each day is the effort required to front up early the next day!