Trims & icebox

By | February 26, 2013

We have designed vinyl trims that cover the gap between the overhead ply vinyl panels and hull fibreglass … and they work!  The concern was that we needed them to be removable because various bolts are under them.  Must always plan for leaks!  So using ‘decorative’ stainless bolts, making them a feature, we have attached the ply/vinyl trims.  Tricky to fit and get the correct angle, but they do the job.  Amanda has become our in-house upholsterer!

Our cockpit icebox is well on the way now.  All insulation is in, drainage (that was easy, just put a hole in the bottom with a plug as it is way above the water) followed by shiny-sheet, just the coving of the corners to go … Amanda’s job!!  Won’t be easy as it is a very tight space with awkward angles.

Our teak floors have progressed with the two sets of steps nearly finished.  The saloon and galley are still on the go as we are waiting for some ash to complete the long lengths … then the cockpit.