The things we do!

By | March 18, 2013

Aghhhh …. Every bone in my body aches!  I love the ‘stand-up’ jobs, the low, tight ones, not so much.  I’ve never seen so many bruises on my legs and knees.  Yesterday was a big day, started at 8.30 and finished at 8.30pm. Washed the decks and scrubbed the cockpit.  It had become the sawmill for the inside teak laying (and an ant resort). Now we are ready to start the cockpit.  It was here that the ‘low’ jobs started so it’s all hands and knees.  We swept, vacc’d, acetoned and polished.  Looked so clean when we finished.  Then we had to sand the floor surface in preparation for our teak man today.  Soooo white!

We have the silver ash curved pieces to add to the teak floor inside but with rain (what is that wet stuff falling from the sky), we are swapping to the outside tasks keeping the inside ones for later.  We also managed to squeeze in the headsail self-tacker track as well.