More doors on!

By | May 5, 2013

How many door frames do you want to see? We keep trying to photograph new and interesting things , but some days are just “more of the same”. There are six internal aluminium door frames, so whilst the first is exciting, you can’t say the same for the other five! At least the bifolds are a little more interesting, and we did fit the trim around the main companionway door. You also certainly don’t want to see every piece of shelf trim, and it seems like there are hundreds of them. We did finish the diesel heater installation today, ready for filling with coolant and testing but again, not much to photograph. At least the locker hinges did seem worth a snap. The stove has been in for a while but tomorrow it gets hooked up. You guessed it , not much to shoot. Surprising we manage to come up with many photos at all really, but we will keep trying to do our best. Next we wire up the instruments at the helm and finish off some detail in the main bathroom.