Armed & Dangerous!!

By | June 11, 2013

Of course Amanda takes most of the photos so obviously doesn’t appear in many. Here are a couple of telling snaps from my phone, and I should add that anyone out there thinking of a project like ours, find a partner up for this type of work if you can! Apart from the stanley knife blade in one hand and toothbrush in the other, you will see in the background a bucket full of almost every cleaning chemical known to man. The rear steps are obviously the main thoroughfare and every type of nasty goo from peoples’ workboots along with various spills have combined to make a formidable cleaning task. Of course we have tried to keep them covered but with an outdoor build this is quite difficult. Everything from Oxalic Acid to Acetone along with Jiff and Truck Wash have been applied and scrubbed, and if you have any other chemical to suggest then feel free! Amanda has very high standards of cleanliness but even after a double check the next day she was able to declare the rear steps clean and white. Of course you want to launch a new boat in shiny new condition, but two and a half years in a paddock are working against that ideal. Suffice to say that one partner prepared to take the cleaning work on whilst also varnishing and gluing bits on whilst the other is busy bolting even bigger bits on is a huge bonus.


2 thoughts on “Armed & Dangerous!!

  1. Mike

    t is all looking better and better. There must be a huge amount of things to do inside, if only the volume of normal ‘household’ things such as soft furnishings, pots/pans/tableware/cutlery. Plus of course a couple of things for Neville to do such as the trampolines and getting the rigging ready – but that is easy!

    So, when is the projected launch date?



  2. Amanda

    Hi Mike.
    Thanks for your message. Yes, easy to say not much to do, but the small things will add up. With weather & work commitments, looking like October-ish.

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