Squeezing in a few boat days …

By | June 11, 2013

Winter is here, but with a few sunny dry days on the radar and a long weekend, we have managed to squeeze in a few boat working days.  So outside jobs it is!

Neville worked on the cabin roof solar panels and then installed the safety rail on the port side.  Hoping this rail does the trick for now.  I didn’t like the idea of maybe stumbling down the side deck steps and ending up in the drink.  We are getting older and slower!  The rail slides in to the back of the cockpit seat so not only very tidy when open and but also when shut.

I have spent the last few fine days cleaning the decks.  High pressure washer, followed by some scrubbing and the use of numerous chemicals.  And not to forget, my handy blade and toothbrush!  After 2 years+ in the paddock, some stains just don’t move easily even though we have regularly cleaned.  Oh, what we’d do for a big a shed!  Wouldn’t know where the leaks were though!!  Took me one whole day to clean both transom steps … but they do look fantastic, just need to keep them that way now.