A pig in mud!!

By | August 21, 2013

The tender!!  We visited the Sydney Boat Show last year and one of the items on our ‘shopping list’ was a tender.  Well, our ‘research list’ I mean.  After listening to all the usual players sprout their stuff on the pros and cons of hypalon versus PVC, aluminium versus fibreglass bottom etc etc … and our son who seemed to be more interested in what size motor it could take, we were totally confused so we thought we’d leave that decision to the next boat show.  Just as we were leaving we jumped on board one last European catamaran which had a tender/rib on its targa on the transom.  A brand we hadn’t seen before, an AB Rib.  Photographed it on the phone and it’s trade name details, as you do.  Googled it on the plane, spoke to the Gold Coast supplier and put it on the shopping list for the Sanctuary Cove boat show the following year!  We were sold.

While Rib Force weren’t at the Sanc Cove Boat Show this year, their business is nearby so we visited their showroom after the show.  Expensive rib but we plan on having this rib for the life of us with our Fusion. Lightweight, hypalon, dry floor, aluminium bottom, fantastic front locker (that will act as a step for my old legs & a fuel locker), rated for 15 hp (our son is happy) … a classy tender!

Neville picked it up from Sydney with the rig.  Just unwrapped it today after our son insisted he be here (see photo).  Shame it’s the wrong one!!  Will be sorted, but another thing to ‘fix’!