Collecting my rig!

By | August 20, 2013

Why on earth would you want to go and collect your own rig from Sydney on a very, very long trailer! My only defence is to say that it seemed like a good idea at the time! However, a 12 metre long borrowed trailer does not mix with Melbourne or Sydney traffic that well and the service stations were a real challenge. Actually, the assembled rig will be over 17 metres but it is still a kit until our rigger puts it together. The Seldon components were picked up along with a new rib dinghy and delivered safe and sound. A friend, John came along for the ride and we had a ball. We even managed to squeeze in a ferry ride to Manly for fish and chips and icecream on the beach as you do!

The worst part was missing three days work on the rest of the boat but we are trying to make up for that with a few little jobs. The basin and various rails have been secured in the main bathroom and when Melbourne’s crappy weather allows the main sheet track and winch are being fitted.

The biggest problem we may now face is trying to get the thing out of a very soggy paddock!