It’s getting close now!

By | September 14, 2013

We do feel we are close now.

Meeting with our transport man today, signwriter yesterday & shower screen fitted yesterday as well.  A few days of ‘finishing’ inside and we’ll be ready to seal the inside teak floors.  They have been sanded so ready to go.  We have even put a mattress in!  Not an easy task, but with an electric knife in one hand and some cable-ties for the springs, we squeezed it in and it’s now flat!  We have an angle at the foot of the bed that we had to allow for, hence the modification to the mattress.  Our two queens will be right, both spring mattresses, but we didn’t allow for the confined opening in to the double cabin, so we’ve resorted to a foam mattress there.

Our cockpit cushions have been completed, our ‘designer’ cup rack is on the way, anchor fitted, our cupboard doors are slowly being put back on … it’s sooo close!!  The sun is shining which means our ground is firming up, so hopefully a launch in October/November.  We will see!