So close now!

By | October 26, 2013

Last Sunday we had 30 degrees here.  Come Monday, it had all changed.  Rain, wind, hail and cold!  Delaying things by a week isn’t really that bad in a 3 year project.  So, the countdown is on!  We have days of sunny forecast late next week (at last) which is just what we need to get the truck here and the antifoul on, and then Bossa Nova will be heading down the drive a few days later.

After such a long haul and so many things to coordinate and do, a week’s breathing space is not so bad. Time to make the beds, polish a bit more, test everything, and sit and enjoy (?) the anticipation, and just as important, the journey so far.  A good friend’s advice is always … “enjoy the journey”.  Well, this journey is almost over, a new one begins.

Crane, truck, launch and rig all set.  It’s all about the weather now.

PS.  Our final interior photos soon (with beds made) …