Mast & boom on

By | November 26, 2013

Nothing could equal the excitement of the launch but it was still great to fit the mast, all 17.6 metres of it. As the base is about 1.8 metres above water we are going to need some pretty high bridges in order to fit under! The first fitting allowed the rigging to be marked for length and the whole thing came off again for swaging. The second fit only used forward halyards to hold it up so we could say goodbye to the crane and then assemble the forestay with furler. This assembly was quite difficult to fit as it is only semi-flexible. Finally four blokes were able to carry and fit the boom. Finally Bossa Nova is looking like a finished catamaran, and we are eagerly awaiting the sails. The rig has now been measured for these so we are expecting a perfect fit when they arrive in a few weeks. We have now competed a short sea trial and everything seems to be working properly. We have even altered the gear shift cables so they now point the right way!