Talk About A Road Trip!

By | November 5, 2013

I suppose the video tells half the story, so I wil try and fill in the blanks.   This trip had been long anticipated and very much planned for.  We had selected Glen from Oversize Transport Service to do the job and what a good choice that turned out to be. From the moment he lifted Bossa Nova gently from it’s jig after hours of careful packing we knew we had the right man for the job. He even left the loaded trailer on our block for a few days so we could complete epoxy coating and antifouling without any obstructions. Glens’ trailer is fully adjustable and he was able to keep the boat safe and level throughout the 20 km journey, which ended up taking 3 hours and 45 minutes!  OWhy did it take so long? Well, almost getting bogged 100 meters from our front gate didn’t help! Fortunately the trusty bog mats saved the day but such slow careful work takes time. Road signs had to be removed and replaced along the way, but the worst of it was the tree trimming! Fortunately our friend Steve with his pole mounted chainsaw was up to the job but the last few kms required massive trimming work as we inched towards the gates of Yaringa Boat Harbour. The marina road, which is a 5 min drive actually took us 1 hour 15 mins due to the overhanging tree branches … we certainly inched our way there (with one eye on the clock as we wanted to beat the 4 hour Vic Roads minimum).  With the help of friendly staff we soon had the boat lowered onto the launching trolleys.

What an amazing and surreal day! We are still trying to get used to the gaping hole in our paddock where the project that has so dominated the last few years used to live.  The last few days, Bossa Nova moving from the ‘shed’, the hectic timeline to get the anti-foul on, then Bossa Nova moving to the front gate, and then THE ROAD TRIP at 6 am. … it certainly has been a crazy emotional adventure!

A very big thank you to all our ‘crew’ over the last few days who have given us great support and encouragement as well as hands-on help …

Tim, Abbey, JA, Andree, Steve, Andrew, Fiona, Mum, Tony and John.