1985 … wow that’s 30 years ago!!

By | May 29, 2015

Here we are at the CYC (Cruising Yacht Club) in Sydney … again!  Way way way back in 1985 we were here on our first yacht, a 23 foot trailer-sailer. Many memories.

I ‘flash backed’ today to a few memorable moments …

Singing along to a new Pretenders tape (yes a cassette tape in my new Walkman). It’s amazing how good you think you sound with headphones on. Sister & husband confirmed this!

Five on board – three girlfriends, myself and Neville!

Sailing to Pittwater with Lyn who wouldn’t eat my ham sandwich because she felt a bit ill but she did manage to play backgammon on the foredeck as we sailed through the Sydney Heads.

Throwing leftovers to the fish only to hear a ‘plop’ instead of a ‘splash’. We had dried out in an oyster farm.

Desperate attempts by our all female crew to get ashore to avoid the dreaded port potti!

And there’s always a toilet story …

Gasp!  In slow motion the port potti propelled in to the air, back-somersaulted with a half-pike, then danced along the deck in front of the CYC club rooms. Aghhhhh!!!!  Thankfully in remained intact.

Despite the fact our boat trailer was stolen in Sydney, we had an amazing time in those days when life was so much simpler (and cheaper).

Cheers to the memories!