Going North

By | May 10, 2015

Bossa Nova is heading north … very soon.

Lots of planning happening now (we are good at planning … and lists).

Three years building our Fusion, 18 months of ‘playing’, 12 months of building a new home (yes, we are crazy), now its time to head north and find some sunny weather.

We recently met up with a Fusion called Easy Tiger in Paynesville.  What a surprise it was to see a fellow Fusion in our home port. Easy Tiger is a Fusion we did look at buying a few years back when we were heavily in to the dreaming stage, but Neville really dreamed of building his own Fusion.  Easy Tiger was very tempting, a well fitted-out Fusion and it was lovely to see her again and well cared for too.  What an amazing adventure Steve and Leanne are on, well done.  Hoping we will catch up with them on our journey north.

With our ‘dream’ now here, the next stage is our first big journey.  All a bit scarey going away for so long.  Lots to organise on the home front and lots to organise on the boat.  And we will be leaving our brand new house behind!

ETD last week of May!