Goodbye …

By | June 24, 2015

How lucky we have been.

We have just said a sad goodbye to our ‘new’ friends on Easy Tiger. Easy Tiger has been hauled out for two weeks of maintenance.  Rather than give them a hand (it was suggested … but we declined) we are continuing to head north.

Last night at our ‘goodbye’ dinner on Bossa Nova we chatted about our journey together, how well we get on and how great it is to sail in company.  We met up in the Hawkesbury and have sailed together till the Gold Coast.  Lots of socialising, fishing and stories, but also serious planning. Crossing bars and reading the wind and swell conditions have been done in tandem.  We will miss Easy Tiger but look forward to catching up further north.

We are now getting ready for the next part of our journey … crew on board!  Family and friends will be joining us so factoring in airport collects, as well as weather and tides, will be a new experience. We are looking forward to it!