The mayhem of the day!

By | June 28, 2015

We woke the usual time this morning.  Looked through the hatch, yes blue sky. It’s always a great start to the day on a boat seeing sunshine.

“It’s Sunday”, announces Neville.  This means eggs for brekky.  Neville has mastered the art of poaching eggs.

So at anchor in a calm Lazarette Gutter we enjoy our lazy start to the day eating our eggs.  Enjoying the sunshine, watching the sand appear around us as the tide gently takes the water away.  Our breakfast conversation is typically confirming the day’s plans. It includes weather checks, marine traffic updates and tide times. (Note to reader: We end our day doing same.  Therefore, reader, we have discussed today’s plans last night.)

So why is it that we change plans?  Well, weather forecasts change, boredom might have kicked in, maybe a rolly night at anchor?  None of the above.  We just thought we’d revisit some old memories and sail to Tangalooma.  Tangalooma is one of those places that you do “to and fro” on.  We had “too-ed” and “fro-ed” several times and had settled with “fro-ed” (we are not going!).

Tangalooma is a pretty specky place.  Old rusty boat wrecks just off the shore giving supposed shelter to the sailor who passes through.  Great snorkelling, sandy beaches and clear turquoise water.  Paradise!  It ‘s just that it’s a curse of an anchorage. Strong tidal currents, exposure to the southerly winds, and a confined anchorage with boats all pointing different ways because of the aforementioned. Not a comfy relaxed night at anchor.

So Bossa Nova pulled up anchor after what then became a quick brekky, plans were changed. 8 knots from the SE. Perfect. Our screecher was hoisted, a gentle sail across Moreton Bay to Tangalooma.

Sunday boats were out a plenty.  After the SE winds became more S, we hoisted the main (sounds strenuous, but we wouldn’t dare suggest so … Amanda has an electric finger!). The Moreton Bay winds are a bit flukey.  The wind eased and it did seem that we had the knack of dodging the rain clouds, we fished and then motored up the East channel to our Tangalooma destination.

It was then that we noticed the wind increasing. This wasn’t forecast. Where’s that easterly wind? We need easterly winds to have a comfortable night at Tangalooma.  After noticing that Trim The Cat (who we seemed to be sailing in company with the last few days) had moved from his Tangalooma wreck anchorage, we were wondering if this anchorage was indeed a good idea. Nup! Chatted to TTC, while bouncing up and down in what had become bigger waves. Back to Manly the cap’n announces!

Sitting here very snug in the Manly mega marina (too snug really, watch this space) … we think we made the right call. Only took 3 hours to get to Tangalooma and another 3 hours to get back! A great sail with 18 knots from the SE on the way back and a lone sailor who was not really paying attention as our Cap’n had to give several “oi’s” to avoid a collision in the middle of a vast Moreton Bay … and it has just rained.  Shops, restaurants and a chandlery. Too cold to swim and snorkel anyway.