The people we meet

By | June 10, 2015

We arrived in Camden Haven yesterday afternoon after a long motor.  Easy Tiger also sailing with us. Lovely sunny day so no one was complaining about no wind.  We dropped anchor just off the Laurieston public jetty in flat but tidal waters.

Cruising can be a lonely experience.  Out at sea during the day and sometimes overnight, anchored or tied up at jetties and marinas in new places, not knowing anyone. Wrong!

We have been cruising in (unexpected) company with Easy Tiger (Leanne and Steve) now for nearly two weeks. We met Easy Tiger in Paynesville before Easter. Even though there are over 70 Fusion cats out there, we don’t see them very often, particularly in Victoria, so seeing a fellow Fusion locally was very exciting. Easy Tiger is planning on cruising the coast for 2/3 years and they were about to leave the Lakes for Sydney when we met them.  We left a month later and knew we’d catch up somewhere.

We are a long way from home and it’s not just the ‘new’ friends we meet, it’s the ones we know as well. While sailing to Camden Haven we ‘passed’ Mana Kai (Colin and Judy) sailing south. Friends from the Gippsland Lakes going right back to our Magnum days.  Also in Camden Haven was Skellum. Another Gipps Lakes cat.

We have spent a lay day here in Camden Haven (it has just started raining!) while Easy Tiger and Skellum left this morning. A 10 km walk (Neville as well) to the entrance after a surprise invite from a local, Captain Paul. After driving Neville to the local hardware he suggested a drive up North Brother Mountain to take in the ‘best view on the East coast’. He was right. We could see for miles, including seeing our boat tied up at the jetty below.  Lots of info including local knowledge on the bars and entrances along the coast. He is also a friend of Alan Lucas (the Lucas cruising books are our ‘bibles’).  A classic story was told about walking up North Brother Mtn with Alan Lucas one time (Neville can’t believe anyone would want to take the walking track over the road). When they reached the top a couple arrived just after them. The fellow moaned about how difficult it was and cursed, “bloody Lucas … and he said this was easy!!”  Alan put out his hand and replied, “Hi.  I’m Alan Lucas.”

It’s all good!