Sandy Straits

By | July 11, 2015

What a great day!

Time to reflect on a busy few days in the Sandy Straits and Fraser Island.

We motored up the (very muddy) Mary River with the tide to Maryborough early in the week. A very old town that was once thought likely to be the Queensland capitol. A busy port once upon a time. But these days the river’s many boat sheds look quite sad. Most not operating.  Boats ashore needing much TLC.

However, we did enjoy our stay and we had a reason to be there. We hauled The Bossa out for a quick fix that we had always planned on doing, just not in Maryborough. Fusion Mackay had moved to Maryborough.

We were booked in to the Maryborough ‘slipway’ and Graham the boss was very accommodating with such short notice. We were a tad concerned when we sighted the ‘slipway’ but we did remind ourselves we were in Queensland! With Neville’s skill at the helm and Graham’s expertise (including a dive in the water in his undies), the haul out and re float went very well.

I enjoyed my walks in to town. Visited the Customs House district, the galleries, the parklands, the cinema, their Thursday market and found a favourite cafe called Muddy Waters. And … discovered that Pamela Travers, the creator of Mary Poppins, lived in Maryborough way back when. Hmm … Mary Poppins, Mary River, Maryborough … a connection!

The Bossa was back in the water with the high tide, so we set off to explore the Sandy Straits before our son Timothy arrives on Sunday.

Kingfisher Resort, Platypus Bay, and we are now anchored in the Susan River overnight protected from an expected overnight wind change.  The Fraser Island beaches are stunning.  Beautiful clear water and long white sandy beaches. Turtles and dolphins.  We will come back here and so spend more time exploring.