By | August 9, 2015

Just anchored off Thomas Island on our temporary journey south. (We are heading home for a short period).

Lovely sandy beach.  3 metres of depth. Neville loves the shallow anchorages, less anchor chain to put out.

This is a short post … wanted to add these pics of the whales that came close to 50 metres off our boat!  A mother and calf.  So hard to get great photos but the calf repeatedly breached so we did manage to get some (with the boat continually going up and down).

Why do whales breach?  I ‘googled’ it (as you do).  “Breaching may be done for play or may have some social meaning, or to communicate with other whales … Humpback whales are very acrobatic and known for their energetic breaching … “.  So there you go!

One of those special moments!

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