A visitor … many times!

By | September 29, 2015

We were lucky enough to pick up a mooring in Stonehaven on Hook Island yesterday lunchtime before the school holiday ‘crowds’ swamped the anchorage. Gentle breeze, clear water and an approaching low tide meant we were feeling pretty good.  (The sun we have found is always shining so no need to mention this yet again.)

Andree and Steve went kayaking, Amanda snorkelling.

After a lengthy kayak adventure, Andree and Steve returned encouraging us to do the same.  With the approaching low tide, the kayaking over the coral was stunning. So off Neville and I went.  Unfortunately the tide had turned so the waters had become a bit murky. Next time!

On our return we were ‘gazumped’ again … they had been visited by a friendly turtle at the back of our boat.  A very very friendly turtle indeed. Andree was able to video him swimming back and forth at the back of our boat.  Turtles normally get startled very easily and are gone before you can blink. Not this one.

While enjoying drinks anticipating the approaching sunset, we spotted our friendly turtle again.  He (or she) came right up to the boat.


He is now a regular visitor. Tommy has just visited again while I am writing this post.

What type of turtle?  A loggerhead or green turtle, not sure. But we have established he doesn’t like Steve’s iceberg lettuce.

PS. Check out my video in Instagram. The Instagram link is at the top of this page.

PS. Check out our video of our friendly turtle in the Instagram link at the top of this page.