THE best beach view ever!

By | September 9, 2015

When we “arrived” at The Whitsunday’s with Lynn and Greg on board some 5/6 weeks ago we revisited old places that we four had visited in 1987 on our first trailer sailer.

The last week or so, we have done the same with daughter Abbey and sister Joanne. Both have been here before on our old boats.

But … some places you just don’t tire of.

Is the Whitehaven view from the lookout THE best view you will ever see?  I just love it. Has to be the best beach view ever. We’ve visited the lookout twice this trip and we will probably visit it again.

Stonehaven … we have visited it many times for the sunsets. Never disappoints. This time we kayaked over the coral and snorkelled around the fringing reefs.

Nara Inlet … many blows have been sat out here. Our dinghy ride (with me at the helm) right down to the end of Nara was so calm and beautiful (shame my ‘landing’ back at The Bossa wasn’t the same). Kayaking around the nooks and crannies in Refuge was so peaceful.

Then today, I caught my first big fish!

We had left Whitehaven, motoring through Solway Passage, I decided to drop the line in.  As we got through the Passage the wind blew a bit harder and the waves built.  All a bit sloppy. I had just said to Abbey, “I don’t think I want to catch a fish now, I’ll reel it in”. Too late. A fish was caught.

So with great excitement on board, the headsail was dropped, Abbey on to the helm, Neville donned the gloves (we are scared of fish) and Joanne got the camera.

And I reeled in my first coastal catch … and we successfully landed it in the boat. A tuna. Tuna pasta tonight.

Poor Joanne … her only role was to take the photo (which she did do), but in doing so, she got seasick!  Oh well, just another boating experience we told her.