It’s a snubfin dolphin!

By | August 5, 2016

It’s a dolphin … no … it’s a dugong … no … it’s a snubfin dolphin!

When we first saw these dolphins some time back we were not really sure what they were, maybe not even a dolphin.  They have a rounded head which was quite confusing.

We are currently anchored in Wardwark Bay, near Airlie Beach  (sheltering yet again from more wind).  Some dolphins appeared.  Four of them playing, swimming back and forth out the back of our boat. But we weren’t sure again.  Brown in colour and their head was definitely different.

Time for a google!  (At least we have internet.)

They are a snubfin dolphin.  They have three colours – brown on top, lighter sides and white underneath.  No snout, just a rounded head and a small snubby dorsal fin.  They do look quite different from the common bottlenose dolphins we are used to seeing.  Apparently they are only found on our east coast as far down as Brisbane and as far north as PNG and are a relatively ‘new’ dolphin.

A real treat!

I did manage to capture some of their play using my Olympus SLR and zoom lens.  The last two photos were taken with my small wifi Nikon.

Just been invited to a roast lamb dinner on Moor R & R with a few other Lagoonies. Yum!