The Whitsundays

By | August 6, 2016

Last year we spent quite a lot of time here, nearly two months.  This year our plan is to spend a few weeks, then head north to Townsville and beyond.

We picked up Andree and Steve from Airlie Beach when we arrived and had a great week with them on board.  Not the best weather with strong wind each day but they have been here before so we were quite happy in sheltered bays, still managing to fill in the days pretty easily.  They have three months leave and are travelling with their caravan.  And loving it!  Looking very relaxed which is great to see.

Kayaking, swimming, eating and drinking!  Whale watching, turtles and dolphins were all seen.  So many turtles this year.

Andree and Steve did also complete the Whitsunday Peak walk (really a climb I think) in Cid Harbour.  Rated ‘difficult’, Neville and I declined (no surprises there).  Great photos from the top (see below).

We have caught up with another Fusion 40, Phluid (Ross and Louise).  A fellow Fusion builder, so Neville was particularly keen to chat.  We have also had a very social time here in Woodwark Bay.  We were invited to a lamb roast on board Moor R & R last night with Sunshine and Happy Cat (all Lagoons).  Great night and a very generous invite.  Fortunately we could contribute … Neville had just made his infamous apple crumble!

We were hoping for some outer reef weather while we are here but none on the horizon, so we will visit the Gloucester Passage in the next few days, a favourite spot and then head north to Townsville.