Reef Adventures … Part One

By | September 23, 2016

One of our (my) ‘must do’s’ this year was to spend more time at the outer reef.  But it really is all about the weather when it comes to the reef.

We left Magnetic Island a week or so back (can’t quite remember, the days do blur in to each other).  And then the weather did the right thing.  Little wind, sunshine and a window of several calm days.  A perfect forecast!  And so it was.

So off we went, with Chances.  Gary and Annie had the waypoints in to Hardy Lagoon and we were very happy to have a boat alongside us who knew the way.

We stopped at Bait Reef one night where we picked up one of five moorings.  No anchoring allowed here so an early start saw us leaving Blue Pearl Bay at first light making sure we didn’t miss a mooring.  After some really great snorkelling around the ‘Stepping Stones’ we then ventured further north to Hardy Lagoon the next day.

Bait Reef pics …