Reef Adventures … Part Two

By | September 24, 2016

Wow!  Hardy Lagoon.

It was a tad scary entering the lagoon. We followed Chances (who had been there before) which did give us some comfort, but as we approached Hardy Reef we did seem to be heading straight for the reef?!

Hardy Lagoon has an ‘entrance’, but, it is a very narrow break in the reef  … with no markers, only waypoints and definitely only to be crossed at high tide.

Once in, there was quite a sigh of relief. I might add, this ‘entrance’ is also known as ‘the waterfall’. When the water gushes out of the lagoon on a falling tide, quite a current runs creating a ‘waterfall’.  The bigger the tides, the bigger the waterfall.

We spent four fantastic days in the Hardy Lagoon … snorkelling, swimming, exploring and kayaking … in calm, glassy waters with Chances and Phluid (fellow Fusion builders, Ross and Louise).

A great place in beautiful weather. So glad the opportunity came our way.

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